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Come With Me To Train For A Championship

Come with Me to Train for a Championship

Plus, 10 Keys to Successful Training and Racing

Come with me as I train and compete in the World Sprint Championship in Rotterdam. Along the way, I’ll be giving my keys that go into a successful race.

First, let me give you some context. As I write this, the Championship is less than a month away. And today is my birthday! So, what does a sexagenarian like me do to celebrate his birthday?

I start with cycling session on my indoor trainer, followed by a combination (brick) run. These are key to my competing in the Rotterdam Championship.

With a competitive swimming background and a recreational running history since college, I entered my first triathlon in 1979. I’ll never forget it, as the lower lagoon at Lake Castaic was filled with thick growing grass, and mud, and the age groups were: 29 & under & 30 & up. Gives you an idea how many crazies entered this challenge.

But here I am today getting ready for one of my biggest challenges in sporting competition – the draft-legal World Sprint Championships in Rotterdam, with over 60 men from all over the world, just in my age group, with a total of over 52 countries from around the world competing. So how did this happen when I work full-time and have additional responsibilities as well?

10 Keys to Successful Training and Racing

  1. Realistically define your goal(s)
  2. Determine what time block of your day works best for training
  3. If training before work, get to bed early
  4. Get more than your normal sleep
  5. Rise early in the AM
  6. Commit to training
  7. Build challenging & competitive training plans
  8. Eat nutritiously
  9. Stay healthy & fit

Oh, and get a certified coach to pull this all together!

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  1. Steve,

    Thanks again for your guidance and companionship in Rotterdam at the Draft Legal World Championships September 2017. I felt confident and had an amazing race.

    1. Marc,

      It was super sharing a world class event together as we represented the USA. Our training paid off as we both had excellent performances. Looking forward to more!


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